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Five ways to help your clients build a strong eCommerce identity

Building a strong eCommerce identity is crucial for businesses looking to compete in the online marketplace. It encompasses elements such as brand image, values, and reputation, which help businesses create an emotional connection with their customers and differentiate themselves from competitors. However, creating a compelling brand identity is challenging, and for small eCommerce businesses, even […]

Tapping into the new creator economy with .bio

The creator ecosystem is experiencing a period of dramatic change. Creators and influencers are rapidly re-writing the world of branding, e-commerce, and entrepreneurship. For those in the business of helping individuals establish an online presence, this shift presents a major opportunity worth pursuing.  The state of the creator economy Remember when Instagram was for sharing […]

Help businesses get .Online

From singing lessons to printing, there’s no shortage of products and services people are searching for online. The convenience these online service providers offer has fundamentally changed consumer behavior. While the pandemic may have familiarized most of us with work and school from home, the popularity of online services like meditation apps, and skill share […]

What do domain status codes mean?

When you do a Whois lookup on a domain, the results include a lot of information. It’ll look something like the image below. Most of the fields are pretty self-explanatory, but the meaning of the “Domain Status” field values isn’t always so clear. In this post, we’ll explain what the various status codes mean, so you know what’s going […]

Tucows’ response to Log4j vulnerability

Last Friday, a critical system vulnerability with Log4j was uncovered. Testing is still underway but initial findings show no evidence of compromised data or systems within Ascio’s infrastructure. At this time, there is no action required from our customers. If this changes, we will provide an update immediately to affected customers.

CIRA 2021 Annual General Meeting

Registrars are uniquely positioned to provide registries actionable feedback on their operations. Yet, former CIRA Board Member Alex Beraskow is seeking to remove our voice in .ca governance.


Paid vs. free SSL certificates: what’s the difference and which do you need?

Do I need to pay for an SSL certificate, or is a free one good enough? Hosting providers, web developers, and many of our other resellers get this question a lot. And if you’re a website owner, you might be asking it yourself. It’s obviously tempting to opt for the free version — and in some cases, that’s really all a website owner needs — however, there are some objective benefits to paid SSL certificates…