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.EU Brexit Update July 2020

On February 1, 2020, the United Kingdom officially withdrew from the European Union, with a transition period that will extend until at least December 31, 2020. One of the consequences of Brexit is that many UK-based, .EU domain owners will no longer meet the .EU eligibility requirements. Yesterday, EURid, the .EU registry, announced an updated timeline for revoking the domains of ineligible registrants.

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Why you should consider .SHOP

The .SHOP domain extension sells itself. There are currently 670,000+ .SHOP registrations worldwide, and more than 51,000 active online shops hosted on this top-level-domain (TLD). Recently, .SHOP saw a surge…

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A Great Domain for Freelancers and Entrepreneurs? Try .ME

Today, personal websites function as a calling card that can help your customers showcase an online portfolio, house their resume or blog, and find creative ways to establish their personal brand.

.ME is a great option for entrepreneurs, hobbyists and other professionals, and as more and more of these potential customers hop online, adding .ME to your lineup is a no-brainer.

Tucows’ commitment to combatting DNS Abuse

Tucows’ commitment to combatting DNS Abuse

When we were acquired by Tucows back in March, we knew that the Ascio business would benefit from their strong presence in the ICANN and Internet communities. Here’s an example of how. Abuse is a significant problem on the Internet today and, as a provider of Internet infrastructure services, we must constantly consider what role we should play in combatting this issue.

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ICANN66 Recap

Montreal in November is not as bad as it sounds; the weather is crisp and clear, the snow isn’t too deep yet, and it doesn’t get dark until a reasonable time in the evening. It’s still not my top choice for a travel destination at this time of year, but the ICANN conference definitely made it all worthwhile.

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.ORG Resources & Webinar

Missed our .ORG Webinar? We’ve got you covered. Below you’ll find a recording of the live presentation as well as links to the downloadable .ORG Toolkit and Webinar PDF.

Avoiding COVID-19 Cyberattacks with Security Best-Practices

Avoiding COVID-19 Cyberattacks with Security Best-Practices

Most of us that work in Tech are familiar with security best-practices, but for many people, including your customers, being thrust into working remotely and conducting more daily activity online can bring with it security risks. Now is a great time to support your customers with tips on how to stay secure online and avoid COVID-related cyberattacks.