Registrant Verification

ICANN’s latest initiative is now in effect, and aims to bring transparency to public whois data. So what does registrant verification mean for you and how can Ascio help you?

If you own an ICANN accreditation then, effective immediately for all TLDs, you will obligated to; for any new registrations, transfer-ins, owner changes, or registrant detail updates; send an e-mail with a link to domain registrants, from which the contact details should be verified. Failure to do so will result in the domain being parked.

What are the challenges?

If you are ICANN accredited with thousands of domains, then ICANN’s RV policy can be particularly challenging. This new change in protocol can have an immediate effect across several levels:

  • Administrative burden: ensuring that all registrant data is verified, and that they update their details in the Whois can be a gigantic task.
  • Unhappy customers: registrants risk that their domain will be parked if they ignore or miss the verification e-mails.
  • Technological strain: having the right system in place so that verification e-mails can be sent accurately and automatically can take months to develop as well as substantial resources.
  • Increased risk: failure to comply with ICANN’s terms and conditions can lead to your accreditation being suspended, in turn this could lead to a loss of business as you become unable to register certain top level domains. 

How can we help?

With extensive experience in the industry we have been able to develop a solution for all of our current partners who have their domain portfolio managed by Ascio. Thus, to ensure a compliant RV service, we offer:

  All ICANN governed domains.

  A flexible solution - you can choose to send the e-mails or we can do it for you, when and where you need it.

  White labelled e-mail templates for any language.

  Verification statuses through our portal and AWS.

  Automated name server delegation.

  Virtual registrar: Keep your accreditation, but let us deal with the RV updates.