About New gTLDs?

With over 1000+ new gTLDs hitting the market. What is all the fuss about? and what does it mean for resellers?

Prior to the release of new gTLDs, the Internet was running out of useable space and domain registrants had been finding it difficult to find short, and meaningful domain names relevant to their needs. In fact, the average length of a new .com domain name was 15 characters in 2013, often a combination of several words.

Since then ICANN has delegated hundreds of new TLDs which have changed the landscape of the internet as we know it. With over three million domains registered since the turn of the year, new gTLDs are slowly becoming recognised as an alternative to existing domains.

However, such a large choice of TLDs brings with it a challenge of a different kind for resellers...

Reseller Challenge

With well over 400 new gTLDs released and hundreds more still to come, selecting which TLDs to offer can be an arduous task. As a registrar, you may have to establish and maintain as many as 600 accreditations, constantly monitoring and conveying to your registrants requirements for registering each and every one.

Furthermore, on the technical side you will have to use a great deal of resources establishing and maintaining multiple technical connections for registering and maintaining your domain name portfolio, name changes, address changes, renewals, auth codes, etc.

The financial strain in investing in a setup to operate so many connections and administering that many accounts with each TLD-operator, not to mention currency deposits that some operators require you to pay in order to be accredited with them, will prove a burden on many.

Ascio Solution - One connection to all new gTLDs

As an accredited registrar for all of the new gTLDs, you will benefit from you partnership with Ascio by having:

One connection to all new gTLDs.

✓ Access, via our Partner Portal, to the industry's most comprehensive TLD-information (TLD-kits™) for each and every one of the new gTLDs.

✓  Strategic advice – With years of experience within the industry, we offer consultation based on what we believe will be best for your situation and your business and customers.

✓ Our Marketing support – through our connections to all registiries, we can ensure the correct marketing material is available for you, when and where you need it

Some Facts & Figures

No of new gTLDs
The release of more than 1,000 new gTLDs (generic Top Level Domains) is one of the biggest shake-up's since the internet began.
Online Strategy
Recent studies suggest that 95% of businesses feel that having access to new gTLDs will enhance their existing online strategy.
Consumer trust
Research on new gTLDs suggest that consumers who shop online on a daily basis are 80% more likely to enter a company’s web address into their internet browser to get to a website, rather than using a search engine.
To date, approximately 20% of all new gTLD registrations have been for IDNs.

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