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Local Presence

As an Ascio partner, you can gain access to over 200 TLDs where local presence is required.

For many geoTLDs and ccTLDs it is common practice to restrict access to their domains by imposing specfic requirments on applicants that wish to register a domain nameFor example, in some cases only local companies can register a domain name (like in Slovakia, .SK). In other cases the regulations require the registrant to have a local  representative acting as administrative contact, for example Germany (.DE), or to have an address in the country (as in the case of The Netherlands, .NL). Thus, for customers looking to secure domains on a worldwide basis it can be extremely tricky!

The Ascio Local Presence Service can help those customers who do not fulfil specific Local Presence requirements to register their domain names even under the more restricted TLDs. We offer:

✔ Access to Over 200 TLDs through a mix of direct and third party relationships

✔ A Local Presence Service provided in accordance with specific Registry regulations and within a controlled legal framework

✔ Continuous expansion – We are constantly working to grow this list of TLDs offered to help benefit both you and your customers

Are you having trouble offering restricted TLDs? Then get in touch with us today to see how we can help you.

Interested in using Ascio's Local Presence services, or would you like to know more? Contact us below.

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