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The Ascio SSL Discovery tool is our easy-to-use service that allows you to bulk search domains & sub-domains for SSL certificates.

Our advanced technology enables you to view if a domain has a certificate, who the certificate authority is, as well as when it expires. Furthermore, with unlimited search capability, choose to explore your own customer’s portfolio of domains, or alternatively domains registered outwith your company. It is the perfect tool for Ascio partners looking for upsell opportunities. Read more below on what the service entails:

Where can I access the tool?

The SSL Discovery tool will be made available via the Ascio Partner Portal, our unique interface for managing domain portfolios. The tool will be made accessible for all partners that run their SSL services through Ascio. Once in the portal, you can reach it in two simple steps. First, click on the SSL tab and then select SSL Discovery tool. From there you can do as many searches as you wish.

How does it work?

The tool is extremely easy to use. With our search function, you can simply type it or paste the domains or sub-domains (100 at a time) that you would like to search for. You will also be asked to enter an e-mail address, to which all results will be sent. When you click discover, our system will build the report and send you a consolidated report within seconds.

What domains can I search for?

With the SSL Discovery tool, you can search for any domain you wish. There are no limits. Furthermore, we allow you to choose what sub-domains to look for. These searches can be custom-defined, or combined with our own exhaustive default list of over 600 sub-domains that can potentially carry an SSL certificate (i.e.,

What does the report contain?

Our SSL report will be sent in CSV format and will contain a consolidated list of all domains and sub-domains searched for. Within the report, we will provide you with extensive details on which domains have certificates, who the certificate authority is, as well as when they are due to expire.

How do I sign-up for it?

Interested in using this part of our SSL service? Then you can sign-up as a reseller at Already an Ascio partner? Then contact your account manager who will be able to tell you more.

Sign up as a partner to gain access to our SSL services. Alternatively contact us for more information.

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