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Ascio Technologies was founded in 1999, and is an ICANN accredited domain registrar. Ascio manages a total of more than two million domain names and is responsible for the provision of Domain Portfolio Management services indirectly through more than 600 domain partners. These partners are based all over the world and they primarily include medium sized or larger telecom operators, webhosting companies, internet access providers and IP law firms. We work exclusively with premium partners, with a clear focus on providing the premium quality and exceptional service domain professionals need.

“Ascio is passionate about providing our partners with industry leading domain portfolio management structure, freeing up partner resources to focus on giving their customers an even better service. Managing a portfolio of worldwide domain names can be a complex and expensive undertaking which requires specialised knowledge and tools. Our objective is to ensure that Ascio provides clear added value for our partners, thus allowing them to provide profitable and market-driven products and services to their customers.”

Kind regards,
Jørgen Christensen
Managing Director

Ascio is part of the Tucows group, a leading domain name services company.