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To help you run your business with greater ease, Ascio supports integrations with leading hosting and billing automation solutions, as well as other technology partners.

The companies listed below are some of our technology partners. If you would like a personal introduction to these companies, please contact us at [email protected].

If you are using other web or hosting automation solutions and would like to discuss integration with the AscioNIC registration engine, please contact us at [email protected] so we can get in touch with your vendor.


6 years later, and today WHMCS is one of the most popular billing & support solutions with web hosts and developers. This is thanks in part to our strong commitment to development, always improving and innovating, staying up to date with the latest web hosting technologies and keeping up to date & reliable integrations with all the leading services & providers web hosts use, but also because we combine our product with high-quality service and support available around the clock.

WHMCS was first launched back in 2005 with the aim to try and combine billing and support into a single package. Initially designed to work only with cPanel/WHM (hence the WHM part of our name), WHMCS quickly gained popularity as people saw the benefits of having everything integrated, and soon expanded to support other control panels and services.

You can read our factsheet here, on how the Ascio plugin works with WHMCS.



The Atomia platform and its surrounding services are the sole focus of Atomia AB, a software automation company based in Sweden and Serbia whose story goes as far back as 1999. Back then, Sam Nurmi, Atomia’s founder, started Loopia, a web hosting company that quickly turned into the largest shared hosting provider in Sweden (and it still is). Loopia is the registrar for approximately 30% of all domain names on the Swedish part of the Internet.

With the hosting industry experience Atomia have gained during more than a decade in the business, they have a deep understanding of what both web hosts and their clients want – be it the average blogger, the tech-savvy web developer or the enthusiastic graphical designer. This bulk of knowledge led to the creation of the Atomia platform – an affordable, modern and feature rich hosting and server automation platform for any type of hosting scenario.


DomiNIC GmbH:DomiNIC

DomiNIC is a high-performance domain management system that enables fully-automated creation and processing of domain names, domain orders and other business transactions. DomiNIC allows quick and cost-efficient launch and development of new business areas in the DNS environment and can also be used to automate your existing domain registration system:

  • Over 150 TLDs supported with the AscioNIC robot
  • Automated name server administration
  • Java and web clients for integration with your customer portals
  • Fully automated support for your reseller structure

DomiNIC GmbH is infused by the vision that within our global information and knowledge-based society the life and work quality of mankind is going to be improved by the automation of Internet processes.

All actions are subject to the absolute requirement that information security is established as well as that confidentiality, integrity, availability and the binding character of data must exist.

As a result, our ambition is to maximize the quality of our products and services which in turn enable our clients to a self-reliant demeanor in an environment of ever decreasing trustworthiness on the market.

DomiNIC GmbH:DomiNIC


ISPsystem integrates Ascio technology in its hosting automation solution.

Hosting customers of ISPsystem are able to offer more than 270 TLD’s worldwide through one unified interface. The technology behind this is the Ascio Web Service that is now integrated into ISPsystem’s hosting automation control panels.

Both companies have launched their partnership at World Hosting Days 2012, which was held through  March 20-23 in Europa-Park, Germany.

ISPsystem decided to integrate the AscioNIC technology to complement its suite of hosting solutions and enable their customers to access a large worldwide domain portfolio, offering a true one-stop shop experience.

The ISPsystem hosting solutions are available from

ISPsystem, established in 2004, is a software development company that offers a complete line of innovative solutions for hosting automation and management needs. ISPsystem’s user friendly hosting control panels make it easy for both end-users and system administrators to manage services with the click of a mouse. ISPsystem innovative development tools enable to design hosting solutions tailored to personal business needs. Automating a business results in lower operating costs, greatly increased productivity, and helps to bring new customers. ISPsystem’s software will help you maximise automation, improve efficiency and grow your business.


Odin: OBAS

The Ascio plug-in is available for all providers using OBAS (Odins Business Automation Standard). You will gain instant access to hundreds of Top Level Domains (TLDs), enabling you to expand your domain offering to your customers. With Ascio’s domain registration engine you are able to extend your TLD offering instantly. Connecting to Ascio through our simple to implement API or ground breaking web interface provides you with direct access to all TLD registries.

Ascio has automated 90% of all transactions and optimised the processing of ccTLDs more than any other registrar in the market today. Fast fulfillment and consistent order tracking makes registering and transferring ccTLDs as quick and reliable as dealing with .com.

OBAS is one of the most comprehensive full business lifecycle hosting automation solutions. Manage hardware, OSs, applications, back-ups, IP pools, customers, resellers, e-commerce storefronts and customer payments, all from a single system.

Odin (formerly known as Parallels) offers a hosting automation solution that supports management of all the business aspects of a web hosting service. It helps you maximize your revenues; lets you offer a full range of hosting services, including email hosting, shared hosting, VPS, hypervisor-based virtual machines, dedicated servers, domain registration, SSL certificates and SaaS services. It enables you to build your reseller channels and manage your affiliates.