HKIRC Terms & Conditions

HKIRC Terms & Conditions

When registering domains under HKIRC administration, customers must agree to the HKIRC policies:

Ascio offer a reseller program for TLD’s under HKIRC administration, please reach out to your Account Manager.

The following prices apply for registering HKIRC domains through Ascio Registrar:

Pricelist for: COM.HK, EDU.HK, HK, IDV.HK, NET.HK, ORG.HK, XN--55QX5D.HK, XN--55QX5D.XN--J6W193G

Product Period Price Currency
Register 1 year 87 EUR
Register 2 year 137 EUR
Register 3 year 147 EUR
Renewal 1 year 89 EUR
Renewal 2 year 178 EUR
Renewal 3 year 267 EUR
Transfer 1 year 91 EUR
Contact update   29 EUR
Nameserver update   59 EUR
Owner change   229 EUR

For any comments or concerns about Ascio Technologies Inc, regarding its accreditation’s compliance, please consult the information below:

Email address: