HKIRC Terms & Conditions

HKIRC Terms & Conditions

When registering domains under HKIRC administration, customers must agree to the HKIRC policies:

Ascio offer a reseller program for TLD’s under HKIRC administration, please reach out to your Account Manager.

The following prices apply for registering HKIRC domains through Ascio Registrar:

Pricelist for: COM.HK, EDU.HK, HK, IDV.HK, NET.HK, ORG.HK, XN--55QX5D.HK, XN--55QX5D.XN--J6W193G

Product Period Price Currency
Register 1 year 87 EUR
Register 2 year 137 EUR
Register 3 year 147 EUR
Renewal 1 year 89 EUR
Renewal 2 year 178 EUR
Renewal 3 year 267 EUR
Transfer 1 year 91 EUR
Contact update   29 EUR
Nameserver update   59 EUR
Owner change   229 EUR

For any comments or concerns about Ascio Technologies Inc - DENMARK, regarding its accreditation’s compliance, please consult the information below:

Email address: