AscioDNS, the powerful management tool that gives full control over DNS configuration both through a standardised Web Interface and an API (XML based Web Service).

Having thousands of domains under administration is a daily challenge for many domain businesses. The upfront and ongoing costs of operation and maintenance of a secure DNS network as well as a server structure for web and mail forwarding can be problematic, especially for smaller companies. To solve this problem, we have developed AscioDNS, an integrated solution for DNS hosting, domain registrations and mail/web forwarding.

With our PowerDNS you get a modern, advanced, high performance authoritative-only name server which is used by many of the larger corporations in the world and can handle as many as 50,000 queries per second. Other DNS management systems today are slow due to the fact that they need to reload after each change. The advantage of PowerDNS is that it is a name server based on a database. This means that it works faster because it does not need to reload after every change made.

Technical components:

AscioDNS is based on a global high-bandwidth, low latency DNS network. The network has hosts around the globe and is connected on a number of subnets. The technology consists of the four following components:
✔ DNS Administration Module
✔ Ascio Mail Forwarding Server
✔ Ascio Web Forwarding Server
✔ AscioNIC