AscioNIC – connected to hundreds of registries

With AscioNIC as your registration engine, you will never have to disappoint a customer who makes a special request.

Every TLD has it own rules, and every local domain name registry (Network Information Center/NIC) uses its own procedures, prices and technology.

Administering the differences between NICs and adopting new procedures as they arise is part of the daily life for registrars, but sometimes makes multiple domain name registration a frustrating and complex service to manage.

Any company wishing to supply domain name services must first confront these issues, which requires a heavy investment in resources, administration and paperwork. Ascio lets you cut through all the bureaucracy and conduct your business as a service-minded company instead.

AscioNIC is a registration engine that gives you access to 370+ ccTLDs, all gTLDs, and all new gTLDs. With AscioNIC you are ensured a smooth, reliable and standardised domain registration and management process that not only saves you money but also allows you to service your customers with much higher quality across their domain portfolios. As an Ascio partner you don’t have to worry about contracts with registries - one connection to Ascio connects you to all registries in the world.