Domain Monitoring

A comprehensive add-on service that monitors, optimizes and protects your customer’s domain portfolio.

Our Domain Monitoring service monitors existing and new domain name registration, misspellings or relevant deviations of your customer’s brand name. This will enable your customers to increase their brand equity and brand protection.

Key benefits

  Reporting designed to protect your customers domain portfolio

✔  Valuable cross-selling opportunity

✔  Highly accurate, cost-effective and automated domain monitoring report

✔  Self-service report ordering and management

Key features

✔  Monitor domain names including relevant deviations, exact matches and misspellings

✔  Define own report (gTLDs, ccTLDs) via an intuitive interface

✔  Searching for whois data and active websites

✔  Select multiple report recipients and delivery frequency

Why sell Domain Monitoring

The online marketplace is for your customers a growing opportunity to strengthen their brand, reputation and maximize their revenue. It also means a higher risk of online threats e.g. cyber criminals or counterfeits.
Hence Ascio’s Domain Monitoring is a cost-effective and fully outsourced solution and it’s vital for managing the exposure of their domains in the global online marketplace.