TMCH Extended Service

The Ascio TMCH Extended Service provides Ascio customers with greater visibility of use of their trademarks online through proprietary advanced domain name monitoring technology.

Ascio and TMCH – Key Facts

With years of experience in the industry, working specifically with the trademark clearinghouse (TMCH), we have built up an expertise that is vital to help our resellers navigate the complex trademark submission process. For greater protection, currently we offer:

  • Trademark holders are able to submit their trademark information to a centralized repository.
  • After verification, the trademark holder is able to register its corresponding domain name(s) during the pre-registration period of multiple TLDs – also known as the “Sunrise period”.
  • Trademark holders also have the option to be notified when someone registers a domain name that matches their record in the TMCH.
  • Ascio works closely with both the TMCH and ICANN to ensure the implementation and operation represents value, meets IP Rights holder’s needs and above all keeps our partner’s customers one step ahead.

The Extended Service

As an Ascio partner, we can offer you unique services which monitor and detect trademark abuse far beyond those offered by the Trademark Clearinghouse. In addition to our existing comprehensive TMCH service, our extended service also includes:


Additional term monitoring Use the extended service to monitor for terms not registered in the TMCH.
ccTLD monitoring Extend the range of your monitoring by adding the most comprehensive ccTLD monitoring available.
Types and mispelling Monitor for common typos and misspellings by defining them or using the powerful Ascio typo generator.
Reverse Whois and IP Identify a problematic registrant and order a full whois report.
Portal based reporting Take your results into the Ascio Discovery Engine and combine with your existing Brand Protection service.