Transferring Domains to Ascio

Transferring domains can be a tricky issue, but with Ascio you need not worry...

Bulk transfer of domains

If you are a reseller looking to consolidate your portfolio, or expand your offering of domains, with Ascio, one of the questions often asked is "how do I transfer my existing portfolio of domains?". With years of experience doing so, we can ensure a smooth transfer of domains. We have specific expertise in:

  • ccTLDs - having several hundred ccTLDs available means there are can be several hundred ways of transferring certain TLDs, as each registry has their own rules to follow. Our team can help you work through this TLD by TLD.
  • gTLDs -  The new ICANN RAA (Registrar Accreditation Agreement) 2013 has changed the landscape when it comes to transferring domains. At Ascio, we have ensured that we comply to all aspects of the new RAA so that we can ensure that you do as well.

Having worked on bulk transfer projects ranging from 500 to 400,000 domains, we have a fine tuned plan for ensuring a succesful transfer of ccTLDs and gTLDs.

What we offer

✔ Reseller support – When partnering with Ascio, we have a team of experts that will be there to support every step of the way.

✔ Compliance – Our processes are set up so that we can ensure that ICANN requirements, set out in the 2013 RAA, are met.

✔ Tailored planning – Each TLD is different, as is each reseller. Before starting any transfer, we deliver a TLD by TLD plan on how best to relocate domains to Ascio.