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Since its launch in 2017, .ART has seen steady growth and strong demand. We aren’t surprised; it’s a short, meaningful TLD and a clear choice for the many artists, art industry professionals, institutions, performers, and other creatives that need to showcase their work online. But it’s been neat to see who else has adopted this TLD and how they’re using it.

Having gained trust from not only notable entities in the art world, such as Centre Pompidou, and the Guggenheim, but also from big-name brands like Bank of America, Harvard University, and Amazon, .ART has established itself as a TLD with a wide audience and incredible marketing potential.

100k .art early adopters

A Domain for More Than Just Art
The sought-after extension isn’t just a mark of belonging to the art world. It also alludes to the importance of art and creativity within a company’s ethos and value system. That’s exactly why large tech corporations like Apple and Amazon have adopted .ART domains.

Using a .ART domain helps to link businesses, regardless of their industry, to the concepts of art, culture, and creativity. If you want your business to be seen as more than just a corporate brand, .ART can help add emotional and humanistic values to your company’s identity. For this reason, it’s a great choice for short, branded links for marketing campaigns.

.ART Celebrates the Extraordinary
.ART isn’t about business as usual. In fact, it’s all about celebrating the unique, meaningful, and avant-garde. Its adopters come from a range of intriguing backgrounds, and they use their websites for a host of exciting projects and appeals.

Take crypto artist, Matt Kane, as an example. Kane’s 2020 artwork, “Right Place & Right Time,” is programmed to reflect Bitcoin’s price volatility. The work, as well as the artwork’s home domain,, were sold to a private collector, TokenAngels, for over $100,000.

Another example is, a project supporting creative communities affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. It raises money through charity sales and has recently appeared on London’s iconic Piccadilly Circus digital billboard. Artists such as Ai Weiwei and Patti Smith have already taken part in the project, with the artworks on view available for as little as 100$.

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Why Onboard .ART?
.ART domains can not only help you target a clear niche of creatives, but they can also support any business’s creative efforts and brand strategy.

Plus, the facts and figures speak for themselves:

Clear Demand and Potential
.ART is a fast-growing new TLD that’s seen a steady increase in registrations since its inception.

High-Quality Customers
It has a high renewal rate of over 64%, with an 85% renewal rate for premium domains.

Strong Premium Domain Sales
More than 6,000 .ART premium domains have been sold to date, meaning that 6% of all domains sold under this TLD are of the premium variety. Premium domain sales have been responsible for 63% of earnings. As with all registry premium domains offered through OpenSRS, you set your own prices to determine your margin.

Easy to Offer
.ART has no special requirements, meaning anyone can register .ART domains, and you can offer them with minimal integration work.

And finally, we can’t forget an all-too-important point: the price. .ART is competitively priced against .COM, and it’s currently on sale! Sign up for the promo now