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.ART is the new top-level domain created for the world’s creative community. From museums to galleries, artists to designers, and photographers to creative agencies – they now have a dedicated online destination. .ART is a way for individuals and institutions within the arts and culture sector to identify themselves as part of that sector, in an immediate and recognizable way. It is the new “digital dress code” for all members of the artistic community.

.ART launched with one of the strongest Early Adopter portfolios to date – globally recognized art institutions such as Guggenheim, Tate or the Centre Pompidou have pledged themselves to .ART. Artists including Marina Abramovic and Steve Miller are already using their .ART name as well as innovative businesses such as Kickstarter. Global brands such as Bank of America have also chosen .ART to showcase their work in the arts. The Fondation Cartier plans to display a new collection, Absolut [Vodka] is looking to present its long-term history of art engagements and the Bolshoi Theatre plans to upload its video archive.

Since its launch in May 2017, .ART has seen over 13,000 domain name registrations and with its short and descriptive name, this domain can expect solid growth over the coming months and years.

Future ambitions

.ART aspires to become a digital platform for the arts to structure and unify it, as well as encourage its interaction with technology. Over time, its mission is to collaborate with the artistic and cultural community to invent new and exciting digital services in the name of art.

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