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As part of our continuous improvement efforts, we have made a change to our Whois service. This update is completely free as we look to further enhance our service for our resellers and their customers.

What does this mean?

Moving forward, we have added a new section called “Reseller” within the Whois for all .com and .net domains.

This setting will be left blank as a default, however, as an Ascio reseller you now have the option to add this information if you should wish to do so.

Screenshot of whois details

Why include it?

By including reseller information, it allows registrants of domains to better identify who is managing their domain. This additional clarity should make it easier for customers and subsequently result in less confusion when trying to solve any queries they may have.

When will this go live?

This update has been deployed and you will be able to include reseller information from today. To do so, please contact your account manager.