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Radix owns and operates 10 domain extensions, including .online, .store, .tech, .website, .space, .press, .site, .host, .fun and .uno, as well as one repurposed country-code top-level domain, .PW. It’s a TLD lineup that includes a solid mix of generic options, which appeal to a broad base of website owners, and industry-specific ones, which speak to a particular niche. Through these extensions, Radix empowers business owners to get a short, memorable, and descriptive domain name that makes their purpose clear.

Here’s a look at the top-performing Radix TLDs in 2021.

The .online domain extension offers a contextual and brandable online identity to businesses across the globe. Radix stays true to their purpose of enabling businesses to thrive online with marketing initiatives like .Online’s Business Academy.

.Online has 1.9M+ domains registered across 180+ countries and has generated $3.5M+ in premium sales and retail renewal revenue. It’s also the fifth largest new TLD in the world based on developed domains under registration. This, plus the fact that it’s SEO-friendly (there are 300M+ Google searches for “online” each month) make it a great TLD to add to your offering.

.Store helps e-commerce businesses and online store owners maximize their potential by offering them relevant domain names and resources to help them succeed. In fact, .store is the domain of choice of some of the world’s most notable brands, like Emirates (, Nike (, the Lakers (, and more.

.Store’s recent #IdeaToStore contest went a long way in fulfilling its commitment to simplifying the process of turning an idea into a store, inspiring nearly 5000 online store ideas via social media.

Currently, there are 700K+ .store domains registered across 180+ countries. To date, the TLD has seen $2.5M+ in retail premium name sales revenue and is the second-most-registered TLD on Shopify, after .com.

For idea-preneurs looking to showcase an idea through a simple and versatile domain name, .site stands out with a pretenseless meaning that literally translates to “website.” Its relative newness offers better availability, meaning there are still tons of short, catchy domain names available. Safely slotted among the top-five new TLDs in the world1, .site has over 1 million domains registered across 180+ countries, and is used across more than 50 industry verticals.

A fresh and disruptive TLD that embodies the future of technology, .tech helps its adopters break away from the clutter and identify themselves as pioneers.

With a total of 400K+ domains registered across 180+ countries, $4.5B+ raised in funding   2 by startups on .tech domains, and 200K+ developers having chosen .tech as their home3, the TLD has clearly been embraced by its industry.

Who uses Radix TLDs?

Radix’s TLDs have been adopted by businesses big and small. Here are a few well-known names that are using a Radix domain.

The default subdomain of Google My Business with 35M+ live pages & 55M+ monthly traffic.

The official CR7 Fragrances store hosts the full range of fragrances and gift sets from Cristiano Ronaldo.

A website by Doordash Inc., the largest food delivery company in the United States, with a 56% market share.

One of the world’s biggest media companies, with 700M+ subscribers.

Want to curate an awesome TLD offering for 2022?

We’re here to help you do just that. Get in touch with us to explore domain extensions that will speak to your customers and theirs. All Radix TLDs are currently on sale until 31st December 2022, and we encourage you to leverage these promotional prices.