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If you didn’t already know, on October 15 the new domain suffix .COM.SE was launched, free for anyone to register. As many of you may be aware of, the TLD .SE already includes some sub level domains (for example, and even county letters like O.SE). Examples of sub domains which is registered;,,

Last year the possibility to register these subdomains was stopped. But now a new option has arrived! The sub level domain COM.SE has until recently been reserved by the registry IIS. This has now been changed and the leading registry CentralNic, which operates many TLDs and SLDs, decided to launch .COM.SE as an extra option for Swedish and international companies and individuals.

This is an excellent opportunity for registrants to gain access to their dream name for a Swedish domain extension. Many names are registered under .SE, but now comes the possibility again, with .COM.SE!

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