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Privacy And Proxy Registration Service

Pursuant to ICANN’s Specification on Privacy and Proxy Registrations, Ascio offers both privacy and proxy services as defined below:

Privacy Service

A service by which a domain name is registered to the registered name holder, but for which alternative, reliable contact information is provided by Ascio for display of registered name holder’s contact information in the WHOIS or equivalent.

Proxy Service

A service by which a domain name is registered to Ascio who licenses use of the domain name to the customer in order to provide use of the domain name to the customer.  Ascio’s information is displayed in the WHOIS or equivalent. 

Terms of Service

Ascio’s registration agreement for the service is attached here.  The service uses Domain Trustees UK Limited, a company registered in England and Wales, whose contact details are used for WHOIS purposes. 

Reporting Abuse and Infringement

If you wish to report abuse, infringement of legal rights (e.g. trade mark or copyright infringement) or any other issue relating to a domain name subject to a privacy service or proxy service provided by Ascio, please contact us via the following means:

E-mail: [email protected]

Telephone: +44 (20) 81 58 38 81

We will respond to any reports that are provided to us as a result of any domain registration that is sponsored by Ascio.  Please refer to our Abuse Policy for further details: /reporting-abuse-policy Or through the Contact Us section of our website /about-us/contact

Relaying Communications to the Customer

Ascio generates a unique email address per domain name per contact (registrant, administrative, technical and billing) for management and forwarding purposes.  All emails to these email addresses shall be forwarded to the email address specified by the customer.  In respect of postal mail, Ascio opens all correspondence to check the domain name which is related to the correspondence.  Thereafter, all postal mail will be forwarded to the postal address specified by the customer.  Any telephone messages shall be provided to the customer.     

Termination of the Service and WHOIS Publication. 

The registration agreement used by Ascio sets out how the service in respect of an individual domain name may be terminated.  Following termination, Ascio shall publish the customer data in the WHOIS. 

Customer Support

Customer support shall be provided by the reseller of Ascio’s services from whom the customer orders the applicable service.